Kilchoman – Machir Bay 2013 – Review

Kilchoman Machir Bay 2013 | 46% abv (92 Proof), $53.99/bottle (Here)

Color/Appearance: White wine with a slight amber tint. Very yellow gold. Again here, we have no char-filtering and no color added. I like how this bottle celebrates and accentuates the golden color, no attempting to hide the color or modify it in any way. Much appreciated. Even the label seems designed to work with this hue, the blue and gold nicely accent the whiskies color.


Nose: The slight brine of the ocean with grassy overtones, while burning peat smoke wafts by. A slight sherry note creeps in and somehow also fresh amazing butter. Here the earthy vegetal quality of peat that I love so much, seems tilted a little toward lemon in its brightness.

Palate: There is still a hint of burn from the youth of this elixir, one of its only flaws. Spicy and oaky notes merge with freshly dug peat and a smooth creamy buttery, grassy vibrancy. This tastes like Islay but in a newer vision. I feel that this warm brightly smokey taste of the new Islay will just get better and better with age.  There are so many nice flavors in this that I can’t wait to see how this matures over the next few years.

Finish: Spicy Talisker like crispness with a long drawn out kiss of peat and smoke that lingers and then just as it fades out a small drop of the sea.

Overall: I enjoy this a lot. Holding out on higher scores for future generations. I am very excited to try this as it gets older and older each year. I think its young complexity will age very well. Really to me, the sherry effect here is rather minimal and I imagine in future versions that will begin to change. It seems to have carved out its own unique flavor profile, within the exciting cannon of Islay malts. A brightly tasting future awaits. Can’t wait to see where the sweet spot for this whisky is.

Rating: 8.9


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