Bourbon and Rye Posts Coming Soon

Well after a short holiday chaos related break, I am back writing some new reviews and attempting to write a bit about other whisky related experiences.


The holidays have been rather fruitful whisky-wise as it being Christmas as well as my birthday. So I have a number of wonderful single malt whiskies to review. I also have a small backlog of other whiskies to review, mostly Rye and Bourbon.

Really my adventures in whiskey began with the desire to taste a good quality Bourbon on its own, after loving so many Bourbon barrel aged beers. After an initial exploration of bourbon I had a short period after finding peated scotch where my palate was off and I could not stand the taste of bourbon. Thankfully that period of transition has passed and I have many bourbon reviews to add soon. Rye was the last on my list but I was truly struck with its bold flavors. Some very happy Rye research is currently in progress.

Lucky to be at the beginning of my whisky journey. I am excited to be exploring so many amazing beverages and the artisanal craftsmen and years of passion behind every sip. Keep looking here for some passionate reviews of whiskies you will want to add to your collection.


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