GlenDronach – 15 Year Old – Revival – Single-Malt Scotch Whisky – Review

GlenDronach – 15 Year Old – Revival – Single-Malt Scotch Whisky | 46% (92 Proof) $76.99 (Here)

Color/Appearance: Dark, dark, dark amber with tons of red tinting from the Oloroso sherry casks. It looks great, almost allowing you to taste the sherry before it hits your lips. The bottle looks rather old school with gold type and lots of information and I like it for this classic Speyside malt. The Green label and red liquid inside remind me of Christmas and how nice it would be to have a glass of this by the fireplace.


Nose: Treacle, honey, candied almonds, spice cookies, sponge cake, confectioners sugar, cinnamon and cherry pie. Gosh this is adult desert at the extreme. Smelling this is dreamy, even better than I imagined. Warm and inviting with rich and intricate scents that change and morph, always providing some olfactory interest. Charlie’s face is pressed up against the iron fence of the chocolate factory as impossible scents waft out and he knows that he will do all it takes to find that golden ticket.

Palate: Chocolate covered cherries, delicate malt, fresh baked cinnamon bread, roasted pecans, toffee and orange ganache. Decadent without a hint of burn. Truly one you are in no rush to swallow. Has a great thick mouthfeel, full of oily richness and yet the flavors never seem to get in each others way. Nice.

Finish: Long lingering spicy sweetness with a red wine like ending. Oak and grape skins providing a much appreciated dryness to the finish. I can taste this stuff for days.

Overall: This sherried whisky is so packed with dense and delicious flavor that I find myself amazed. Not a daily dram but one for special occasions. A desert whisky if there ever was one. Though it is so decadent there is enough balance from the dry sherry and oak casks. I consider this a benchmark by which to compare other sherried whiskies. If you want to experience the magic that sherry can impart on a fine whisky this is your bottle. Great value and craft as well as an amazing richness of flavors make this a must try. It may not be peated but this can surely bring me over to the dark side. I am looking forward to experiencing other expressions from this distillery.

Rating: 9.3


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