Michter’s – US1 – Small Batch Bourbon – Review

Michter’s – US1 – Small Batch Bourbon | 45.7% (91.4 Proof) $41.99 or (Here)

Color/Appearance: Orange amber. Looks about right for your standard bourbon. On the label it says that this is from batch 14B30. Not sure how many barrels are involved but it does seem to blur the line, hand labeling it in a way usually reserved for single barrel whiskey. There is some mention of further mellowing through signature filtration. Not sure if that makes this Tennessee whisky or if they are using standard filtration. Also a little too much touting of pre-revolutionary war standards. No real idea where this whisky was distilled or matured. Would be nice to have a little more transparency at least for us whisky geeks who want to know that sort of thing. Let the mass market people believe whatever, they won’t look up the real info anyway. The bottle is a simple great shape and the small label leaves a lot of room for light to work its magic. I do like the natural paper look and black and red design.


Nose: Cinnamon, oak, orange peel, rye spice, apple cider, and fresh cherry juice. Nice. A rather subdued nose but very pleasant.

Palate: Dried brown sugar, coffee cake topping and barrel char. The dry brown sugar notes lend an interesting depth that gives this a different profile than most bourbons. Darker and dustier in a way that I like. A good amount more power here than on the nose. Thankfully its not one of those, too easy going, bourbons that end up lacking character. A little rough around the edges but easy to enjoy.

Finish: Medium in length with some spicy cinnamon and then that dried brown sugar signature. A little oaky warming glow at the very end. Not the most delicate oak overall which is about the only thing holding this back from greater heights.

Overall: This straddles the line between rich flavor and drinkability. It is quite easy to drink but has enough depth that you can sit back and savor every sip. I find that my bottle has lost quite a bit of liquid since I first opened it. Not sure who is responsible for that. My good experience with this will certainly lead me to try their rye next. Since I never lived/drank in the era of the older original Michter’s, I harbor no negative feelings towards the current Michter’s. I think that purchasing that legacy and using some of those tropes for a marketing angle is slightly disingenuous. They did purchase the rights to the name, which was not being used, and have tried to keep some of those ideas alive. Who else is making a sour mash whiskey? It would be great if they were moving faster with their own distillation efforts. They could easily be as far along as Willett. What’s most important to me is that the modern Michter’s has put out some fine bourbon and rye, and this US1 Bourbon is a great and interesting product. It seems to understand its own place in the market. A middle level quality bourbon for easy drinking or contemplation.

Rating: 8.6


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