Michter’s – Limited Release – US*1 – Toasted Barrel Finish Bourbon – Review

Michter’s – Limited Release – US*1 – Toasted Barrel Finish Bourbon | 45.7% (91.4 Proof) $39.99 (Here)

Sample provided courtesy of Michter’s. 

Color/Appearance: Rich amber orange. This is their standard bourbon finished in specially toasted barrels. Michter’s normal US*1 bottle style with a well designed maroon and black color scheme. Handwritten info on the neck about the batch is always nice. I would prefer that this be released as a straight bourbon and possibly a single cask but it is not, so let’s just see what we have.


Nose: Oak, campfire, french toast slathered in maple syrup, fennel seed, and vanilla. Then notes of dusty warehouse, dried orange peel, raisins and honey. Very pleasant and rich. Not earth shattering but many complimentary aromas that form a cohesive whole. Good nose, but not really bursting out of the glass, rather soft and gentle.

Palate: Opens with a classic bourbon blast of heat and wood. Then a softer sweeter trickle of maple syrup, candy corn, marshmallow, cinnamon, and oak follow. Rather tasty. This has a really pleasing profile that starts and ends with some nice oak and char but is sweet and lush in the middle. Kind of a nice trick. Easy to drink but very flavorful and the oaky smoky dryness keeps it from getting too sweet. Disappears from the glass before you know it.

Finish: Toffee, candied nuts, syrup covered oak, and a kiss of smoke. Nicely warming with little to no burn. Kind of amazing for a no age statement bourbon. Lip smacking will certainly continue for a good long while.

Overall: The toasted barrel finish has really amped up the sweeter softer side of the standard Michter’s bourbon. Also the notes of smoky campfire and nuts take me to a great location. The yard is finally raked of leaves. You sit and have a well earned drink while admiring your work and the splendid fall day. The joyful screams of children playing in leaf piles and the crisp October evening air brings a wonderful day to a close. How lucky we are to be here, able to enjoy these moments. This bourbon has such nice flavors that I think it would appeal to a broad spectrum of people, novices and experts alike. One criticism is that I find its overall flavor to feel a little too engineered but it certainly has been pushed in a direction that I like. This is a rather exciting new release and might be something they should think about permanently adding to the line up. Or maybe just release a batch each fall. For the price it is a bourbon chock full of flavor and one that sips quite easily. Certainly something worth having in your cabinet.

Rating: 8.8

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