Kilkerran – Work In Progress 6 – Bourbon Wood – Single Malt Scotch Whisky – Glengyle Distillery – Review

Kilkerran – Work In Progress 6 – Bourbon Wood – Single Malt Scotch Whisky – Glengyle Distillery | 46% (92 Proof) $59.99 (Here)

Color/Appearance: Golden with an almost brown tint. Really looks darker than last years version. These must be some active bourbon barrels. Love the pink label that they are using this year. Wonderful choice. Simple design and label are appealing without even a hint of pretentiousness. I know that this is non-chill-filtered and features natural color but it would be nice to see that on the label.


Nose: Grass, lemon, lime, honeydew melon, peaches, ashes, white wine, brine and kelp. Then softly under the surface comes scones drizzled in wildflower honey, gasoline fumes and a bowl of fresh cut green grapes. As soon as you smell this whisky you know that you need to take a sip.

Palate: Sweet peat, malted barley and loads of wonderful fruit. Sooty peaches and smoky lemons. Oh so juicy and earthy. Vibrant and fresh. Very nice. A real drinking whisky. Each sip is so delicious that you are urged to quickly take another, not through some need to balance dryness from the finish, but from a desire to get back to this very place as soon as possible.

Finish: Lemons and peaches drying out in the hot sun. Crisp black pepper and oak are there to back it up nicely but they do not get in the way. This is so clean. The tourists are gone and finally the beach is back to its normal state. A cool breeze blows gently off the ocean and the crisp air and empty spaces really give you room to think. The sparkle of the water and the calm of a long walk along the coast release all of your tension.

Overall: This year’s version is even better than last years. That statement itself means quite a lot. Now a full ten years old, the flavor and sophistication of this malt is really starting to leave others in the dust. Fruity and effortless it still manages to pack a peaty punch. If you for some reason have not heard of Kilkerran yet, shame on you. In an era where age statements are dropping like flies, it is nice to see a distillery doing the opposite and working towards a twelve year old. I am sure they won’t stop there, releasing older expressions as they are ready. They are doing it the right way, limiting hype and excessive marketing and just concentrating on making some great whisky. This is two years in a row that I have had the bourbon wood release and now I am thinking to myself, why have I not grabbed one of the sherry wood ones. Sounds like a plan. This bottle was part of a bottle split and having only half a bottle is already seeming like a bad idea.

Rating: 9.2


3 thoughts on “Kilkerran – Work In Progress 6 – Bourbon Wood – Single Malt Scotch Whisky – Glengyle Distillery – Review

  1. It looks like the bottle sharing worked better for me than for you! I enjoyed my half, but tasted side-by-side I found last year’s better – thicker, creamier mouth fill, less alcohol burn. Altogether it’s great to have this distillery, and the Springbank folks clearly know their way about whisky, since they created same profile in Glengyle spirit as in their own. This being said, I haven’t found anything in these that I don’t get and ramped up in a Springbank 12yo CS, for only a little extra money. Sherry or not, I’m not buying another bottle this year – but I’m happy to taste a sample from yours!

    • Why did our bottle share work out better for you? Because I have almost finished my half? Oops. I have a bottle of last years WIP 5 but it is unopened. So when I wrote this I was only comparing from memory. I just stashed away a two oz reference sample of the WIP 6 so I can one day do a direct comparison. Right now I am doing a comparison between the WIP 6 and Springbank 12 CS. I find the Kilkerran to be fresher, cleaner and fruiter, though it does seem spirity in comparison. That is strange considering the Springbank is the one that is stronger percentage wise. The Springbank has more richness from the sherry and it seems to have some more nice funkiness. I for one love having these two Campbelltown distilleries around. It will be interesting to see how the Kilkerran develops over time and what profile it will have once the bourbon and sherry integrate into a standard 12 year old. Or more interestingly do they keep them separate?

      • Anyway, I’m just quibbling here. Tonight I’m really enjoying what’s left of the half-bottle of the WIP 6-BW. Last night I was getting mostly lineseed oil and fresh ropes, now it’s mostly smoky stewed prunes & lemons. Great whisky!

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