Four Roses – Single Barrel – Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey – Review

Four Roses – Single Barrel – Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey – Warehouse No. US – Barrel No. 42 – IR | 50% (100 Proof) $33.99 Costco

Color/Appearance: Deep ambler and perfect looking. Four Roses doesn’t cut any corners so thankfully there is nothing to worry about, on any front. Pretty much they are one of the most reputable bourbon distillers out there. They make straight bourbon and that is it. Not many other operations that you can say that about. This expression is their single barrel bourbon which is always the OBSV formula and bottled at 50%. Classic high rye straight bourbon. Pure and simple, lets do some delving.


Nose: Fresh kettle corn, handmade caramels, cinnamon red hots, rye grain and red pepper flakes. The nose is rather soft and probably the weakest part of this whisky. It is pleasing and features some lovely notes but I really wish it would jump out of the glass more.

Palate: Sweet, spicy and mature tasting. The oak is well integrated. Juicy and rich with rye spice poking out all over. Maple syrup candied nuts and cherry hard candy. Coats the mouth perfectly with a great mouthfeel and ample density. So often with whiskey it will smell amazing only to let you down on the palate. This is really the reverse with a taste that is amazing. Wonderful bourbon on the palate that really defines how nice a bourbon can taste.

Finish: Spicy rye and dry cinnamon lingering on and on. Waves of juicy fresh cherries and vanilla wash out over light char and oaky dryness.

Overall: Why had I waited so long to grab a bottle of this? I think I was obsessing over finding some of their limited edition versions or some sought after recipes at cask strength. Damn foolishness. This stuff is spot on. A wonderful bourbon with tons and tons of flavor and yet also easy drinking. If only it would sing to me more on the nose but with so much greatness after that I can’t complain. Wish it was available to everyone at $34. At that price it pretty much destroys anything out there. Single barrel at 50% with nothing but quality and the ever so amazing Jim Rutledge backing it up. You really can’t go wrong here. You should most definitely try to keep some of this in your cabinet. Good luck, it will need replacing sooner than you realize.

Rating: 8.8


2 thoughts on “Four Roses – Single Barrel – Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey – Review

  1. Definitely one of my all-time favorites here. I agree with you about the nose, I haven’t had many Four Roses bourbons that really jump out of the glass. Typically tend to be relaxed and deep, at least to me. Cheers.

    • Thanks for commenting Brock. I flew through this bottle and have done so with all of the Four Roses bottles that I have had. Everyone who likes bourbon should have this in their cabinet. Really if you had only one bottle of bourbon in your cabinet this should probably be it.

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