Longrow – 9 Year Old – First-Fill Sauternes – 2007-2017 – Single Malt Whisky – Review

Longrow – 9 Year Old – First-Fill Sauternes – 2007-2017 – Single Malt Whisky | 58.0% (116 Proof)

Color/Appearance: Burnished gold, more brownish-than reddish. They recently switched to these labels an I like them even more than the older black type ones. Some cask details are listed on the back.

Nose: Branches burning, soft sweet peat, incense, crisp cut apple slices, golden raisins, cotton candy, fresh baked pie, the outside of red candied apple, rainy Spring morning air, a cauldron of cooked brown sugar fuming on the deck of a ship sailing in arctic waters. This smells amazing, one of my favorite noses.

Palate: Caramel apple, ashy smoke, tar, gravel, tart cranberry, flambéed pears, old cherry wood furniture, burlap, and banana custard. Boom, such beautiful power.

Finish: Honey giving way to a puff of cigar smoke, very warming with it’s high proof and low age. Gentle oak that feels nicely exotic like a teak. Awesomely right at the very end there appears some fragrant sweetness leaving the most pleasant flavor lingering forever. But sometimes times it’s youth and strength knock me from my perfect plateau and I am left wanting for more.

Overall: Fucking-A, I love Springbank, and bottles like these are a large part of the reason why. Bonkers nose, powerful palate with that caramel apple note that I love, love, love. Every time I look in my cabinet I have to resist drinking this. I think the sweet french wine has melded nicely with the rustic Springbank DNA. This seems like a winning overall formula. I will pounce on any Sauternes finished or matured Springbank that I can find. This bottle will probably haunt me long after it is gone.

Rating: 9.0

One thought on “Longrow – 9 Year Old – First-Fill Sauternes – 2007-2017 – Single Malt Whisky – Review

  1. My first bottle of Springbank – and perhaps first indie whisky I had – was a Murray McDavid aged in Chateau d’Yquem. This one: https://www.klwines.com/Products/i?i=1054821. When I opened it I thought it was strange, and I anticipated a slow slug. 1/3rd into it I realized this was the best whisky I ever had. So yeah, Springbank + Sauternes seem to get along.

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