Russell’s Reserve – Single Barrel – Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey – Barrel #320 – Rickhouse K, Row 5 – K&L Selection – Review

Russell’s Reserve – Single Barrel – Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey – Barrel #320 – Rickhouse K, Row 5 – K&L Selection | 55% (110 Proof)

Color/Appearance: Orange-ish red. Normal bourbon look. I like the new bottles with their modern type treatment and cool tree and roots design. I wish the barrel selection info was on a sticker rather than a neck tag, as those are easy to loose. Love my bourbons to come in shorter bottles. What else can I put on that short shelf in my cabinet. This stuff is about 9 years old, but that info comes from the K&L website. I wish they would print that sort of thing on the neck tag. But that is nit picky bourbon geek stuff. Though if you are one of the select few, and I mean few, who are reading this you too may be a bourbon nerd.

Nose: A cedar closet, grape bubble gum, tangerine peel, peaches, caraway, straw, barrel char.

Palate: A gentle entry, sucking honey off an orange peel, cherry cough drops, orange popsicle, then a tiny trace of butterscotch that is quickly demolished by a wall of spice and power.

Finish: Powerful spices, cinnamon, cloves, black pepper, and some corn funk, bits of char, caramel, and vanilla extract, and at the end that orange popsicle had been consumed and I am happily sucking on the stick.

Overall: A nice barrel of Russell’s Reserve. This sits in a good place for me. Easy enough to drink with family and friends around a campfire in a plastic cup (did it), and deep enough to contemplate after a long hard day at work. I wouldn’t say this is a simple bourbon as it has lots of deep and interesting things going on but it is very approachable. That balance is what makes it so nice. It’s a hard thing to achieve. I really like the Russell’s Reserves I have had and am always on the look out for more well regarded selections. I don’t know if this has any of that signature Wild Turkey funk as I have never had any dusty Turkey. Oh well, that ship has long sailed. Also don’t go back and look at my older scores to compare how I liked this. My scoring is based on where I am at currently. I would certainly lower a good number of the scores I gave out in the past. I score things according to how I feel about them at the time. Having had so many whiskies at this point may make me a little jaded, but to this very day I always find it easy to enjoy what is in my glass at the moment. Since I flew through this bottle I know that I very much enjoyed every pour. Time to hit publish and sit back with the last glass of it now. Cheers.

Rating: 8.3

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