This is where I list some whiskies that I am looking to acquire. Feel free to send me samples or full bottles. Just kidding, but comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated. Really this is more of a resource for me to keep track of things I would love to try.

Want List

Looking Forward To
Wild Turkey Master’s Keep 17 Year Old
Kilkerran WIP 7 Bourbon Wood CS
Laphroaig 15
Laphroaig Cairdeas 2015
Ardbeg Perpetuum
Willett 3 yo Small Batch Rye
Four Roses 2015 Limited Edition Small Batch

White Whales – Unavailable or just too expensive
Port Ellen (would like to try more)
Brora (any)
Springbank 21+
Talisker 25+ (Does a small taste count? Probably Not!)
Willett 25 Rye
Michter’s 20+ Bourbon or Rye
Michter’s 10 Year Rye
Pappy Van Winkle (any)
Glanfarclas Family Casks
Rittenhouse 21+
Four Roses Limited Edition (review on its way)
Ichiro Malt (review on its way)


5 thoughts on “Wishlist

  1. Thank you for a great site!

    A bit surprised you haven’t covered Finlaggan. I know you have Trader Joes in SD.

    I can see that you are cost conscious, but is this just too cheap and pedestrian? I use it to keep my Lagivulin buys down to one a year or so. My one caviat is that the latest shipment tastes a bit young.

  2. As I live in tasmania
    I get to try the worlds
    Best whisky
    Tasmanian whisky
    Trappers hut
    Hellyer slightly peated
    Sullivan’s cove

    • Thanks for commenting. Yes the Tasmanian whisky scene is garnering attention all over the entire world. I have started to see some Lark and Sullivan’s Cove stuff show up here. Price is rather high, but I will surely take the plunge one day soon.

      • I agree it’s expensive where I live , I am off to USA next year so looking forward trying
        American single malts can u recommend any good ones

      • Hi David,

        Well I have only had a few American Single Malts. I would heartily recommend Balcones Texas Single Malt but recently the owner and master distiller Chip Tate was pushed out in a very messy struggle and I am not too sure about the current quality. I am nursing the last few pours in my bottle and I feel that I like it as much or more than when I reviewed it. I have also had Stranahans and while I like it, as time progresses I find myself less and less interested. Other than that I have heard some good things about St. George Single Malt, Westland Single Malt, and Cut Spike Single Malt. Though really if you are in the states I would stick to Bourbon and Rye. Great prices on those compared to other countries. Also for some reason to qualify as a single malt here they must used freshly charred new oak barrels so our single malts have a lot more oak presence than single malts from the rest of the world. Still that part of our whisky landscape is developing its own unique profile that is quite nice and worth exploring.

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